Ways of Contribution

Making a design contribuition

Design system is about collaboration and building blocks! MDS offers the elements you need to create a consistent product. If you have an idea to improve Mews surfaces by partnering with the Design System team. We would love to collaborate with you! Follow the steps below to make a design contribution:

  1. Present your idea or suggestion to the team
    Set up a meeting with your discussion topic.
    Bring your work early-on— What we build into MDS comes from teams across Mews, so we’d love to provide guidance and support early and often! The earlier we see the work, the better we're able to plan, and the higher the likelihood we'll be able to help. It does not need to be a polished presentation but should have enough detail to help us understand the help you need and provide support.
  2. Iterate on solutions
    We love to see more iteration in your design. We ask you to consider all edge cases before presenting your work to us and coming up with explorations and possible solutions.
  3. Build or follow along
    Our team will pair directly with you, take on the work, and guide you through the whole process. If the MDS team needs to build or modify a component, we will take on the work and follow the same process. As we develop the documentation, Figma files, and code for the updated or new component, we'd love for you to help review and be part of the final check.

Pair design or consultancy

We love to contribute with product initiatives by placing a dedicated Design System designer in projects that need a design system perspective, like:

  • Support to turn a team-specific component into an MDS component
  • Review and document patterns, guidelines and standards design organization-wide
  • Pair design from a systems perspective, such as creating a new component or reviewing design files
  • Accessibility guidance

Design crits

Get in touch to request an MDS designer to join and provide insights into your projects. We're always happy to join other design teams' crits and sessions to give feedback from a design systems perspective.

Designer checklist

If you are here it means you want to contribute to our Mews Design System. We couldn’t be more happy about that. ☺️

This file is here to offer guidance while you explore your problem and create a solution for it. The checklists might seem a bit overwhelming at first, we know. Just focus on the phase you are in, and take it one step at a time. Remember - we are here to help you. If at any time you have questions, reach out to us at #rnd-designsystem or set up a meeting with the team.

Thank you for making a contribution, and remember - have fun! ❤︎