Design System Onboarding

Elevating your experience with Mews Design System


Welcome to our Design System Onboarding! This program will walk you through the essential aspects of our Mews Design System (MDS), empowering you to enhance your skills and seamlessly integrate MDS into your workflow to create remarkable experiences.

Here, you'll find all the program resources organized into three paths: General, Design, and Development. Choose the path that best suits your needs (or explore them all!), and let’s dive in.


General path

This path covers general topics relevant to everyone: designers, developers, and other stakeholders. Discover what a Design System is, why we need one, and "how to MDS", including an overview of our libraries and principles. Get ready to master the essentials!

Design path

You cannot wait to do some hands-on work? The Design Path is here to support you in everything Figma-related. Dive deep into our libraries, themes, component structure, and design tokens. Explore our component lab to help you create components from scratch and learn everything you need to know about our global patterns.


Development path

Get ready to unlock the full potential of our development ecosystem. Explore our comprehensive resources and workspaces. Learn about our components, tokens, and UI compositions, and discover efficient methods for seamlessly translating designs into code.

Other useful resources