Icons are visual representations of commands, devices, directories, and common actions.

Path 1: Creating Your Own Icon

  1. Create New Icon:
    Design your icon using the guidelines provided in the MDS documentation.
    Use the designated contribution frame in the MDS visual library.
    Ensure the icon adheres to the visual language and style guide.
  2. Contribution Submission:
    Add the newly created icon to the contribution frame in the MDS visual library.
    Provide a brief description and use case for the icon to aid in review.
  3. Review Process:
    The Solution (SOL) or Design System (DS) team will review the submission.
    Feedback or approval will be communicated within 2 days.
  4. Approved Icons:
    Upon approval, the DS team will move the icon to its corresponding group in the library.
    The updated library will be published, integrating the approved icon.
  5. Communication:
    A Slack automation will post a message in the designated channel, notifying the team about the library update and the newly added icon.

Path 2: Assistance in Icon Creation

  1. Unsure How to Create an Icon?
    Reach out to the Solutions (SOL) team for guidance.
    Training sessions or resources can be provided to assist in learning how to design icons.
  2. Collaborative Creation:
    Work with the SOL team or fellow designers to craft the desired icon.
    Follow the same contribution process outlined in Path 1 once the icon is created.

Path 3: Requesting an Icon

  1. Jira Ticket Creation:
    Create a Jira ticket specifically using the provided "Icon Request" form.
    Fill in the required details about the icon's purpose, context, and any specific design elements or references.
  2. Processing Timeframe:
    Note that this pathway may take longer due to the request landing in the Solutions (SOL) team's backlog.
    The SOL team will handle the creation of the requested icon amidst their existing tasks and priorities.
  3. Backlog Management:
    The Jira ticket will be prioritized and scheduled based on the SOL team's workload and existing commitments.
  4. Creation and Review:
    The SOL team will design the requested icon as per the provided details and in line with the design system's guidelines.
    An internal review will ensure the icon meets quality and consistency standards.
  5. Notification and Integration:
    Once the icon is created and reviewed, it will be integrated into the design system.
    A notification about the addition of the new icon will be communicated via the relevant channels.

General Notes:

  • Requesters should provide comprehensive details about the icon's purpose and context in the Jira ticket.
  • Expect longer turnaround times for icons requested through the Request pathway due to backlog and existing tasks of the SOL team.


Following these guidelines will help streamline the process for requesting new icons, ensuring that they align with the design system's standards and are seamlessly integrated into the system.