Mews Design System

A Design system Manifesto

In the dynamic landscape of Mews rapid expansion, the Design System Team takes center stage as a crucial driver of our success.

With an unwavering commitment to enabling seamless growth, we are dedicated to fostering a design ecosystem that not only supports our evolution but propels us to new heights.

Our Design System Team is a dynamic and cross-functional ensemble, led by a formidable trio of engineering, design, and product management expertise. With a shared vision and a unified purpose, we are embarking on an exciting journey to shape the future of Mews and revolutionize the hospitality industry through the power of our design system.

At the heart of our team’s DNA is collaboration. Our diverse backgrounds and skill sets converge to create a harmonious blend of creativity, logic, and innovation. Together, we harness the strengths of engineering precision, design aesthetics, and product strategy to drive the evolution of our design system.

We don’t just see the design system as a set of guidelines; we perceive it as a product in its own right. Just as our hospitality solutions redefine guest experiences, our design system has the potential to redefine how we craft those experiences.

Our eyes are firmly fixed on the horizon of innovation. We recognize that the hospitality landscape is ever-evolving, and our design system is our compass guiding us forward. By infusing the core principles of user-centered design, accessibility, and scalability, we are building a design system that not only meets today’s needs but also has the elasticity to adapt to the hospitality landscape of tomorrow.

Our journey is not just about lines of code or pixel-perfect designs; it’s about shaping the essence of hospitality for years to come. With the design system at the core of our endeavors, we are crafting the building blocks that will create extraordinary experiences for guests, partners, and teams alike.

What do we actually do?

Create and document guidelines, best practices, and standards

We believe that by providing clear guidelines, processes, best practices, and standards to follow, we enable the teams to create high-quality, coherent, usable, inclusive, beautiful, brief, and delightful user experiences for our products.

Deliver reusable components and patterns

Using the Mews Design System decreases the time needed for creating deliverables, with the set of components, patterns, and templates available in Figma and code implementations. We also make sure both, the design and development libraries, are consistent, easy to use, and well-documented.

Support the teams

We help the teams to understand, adopt and use Mews Design System in their products. We engage with Mews Design System's users to understand their needs, we respond to their requests, and listen to their feedback.