Need help?

Hello, how can we help?

We are always happy to help answer questions regarding component design and usage, design system best practices, accessibility, icons and colors. If it’s part of MDS, we’re happy to help! If it’s outside of the realm of our design system, we’ll try our best to answer and/or point you to the person who can.

Slack channel

If you have a new topic to discuss, a question that is bothering you, or you need help with a task you're working on message us at #rnd-deisgnsystem Slack channel. We answer threads on a daily basis and in case we need a longer discussion we will plan a follow-up meeting.

TIP: If you have a question about a specific component you can also try searching the Slack channel first to see if it was previously answered 🕵️

Feedback Form

We would like to encorage you to fill out the feedback form, so we can evolve and improve our design system documentation to your need!

Roadmap, Jira, and OKRs

If you’re curious what we’re working on, you can check out our Roadmap,  6 weeks planning, and our Jira Dashboard. To see the bigger picture, you can view our OKR's to understand our roadmap and priorities for each quarter.