Get started as a designer

Get set up

The Mews Design System (MDS) provides Mews with a shared language, facilitates cross-functional collaboration, and maintains design cohesion. These tools will help you get started and access our most up-to-date designs and standards.


In your first weeks at Mews, you will receive an invite from your manager to a MDS onboarding session. This session will give you an overview of MDS, how it’s used, and serve as a time to ask any questions you may have.

Connect to Mews in Figma

  1. Download Figma directly from the Figma Website. If you do not have access, you can request for it in Slack.
  2. Once you have Figma on your computer, open the application and select “Log in with SSO.” From there, enter your Mews email address and open Figma.
  3. From the left-hand column, select “Mews” and join the Design System team to gain access to the MDS asset libraries and documentation.
  4. When creating or opening an existing design file, you should see the MDS components populate under the “Assets” tab in the left-hand column. Libraries include MDS Token, MDS Core and MDS Visual Asset Library.
  5. The #rnd-designsystem Slack channel is always here to support you.

Figma library tips

  • Avoid detaching components when possible. Instead, use the component’s variant options or show/hide layers within the component. If a component is not working as expected, reach out via #rnd-designsystem.
  • Make sure to keep your components up-to-date. You may see a notification in the bottom right corner of Figma when an update is available.
  • We recommend using MDS-Handoff-Kit when prepping a design for implementation. The handoff kit provides guidance on design file structure, best practices, and annotation/flow components to make the design handoff process smoother between engineers and designers.